Caution: Language of this post is explicit in a way that might lead you to think that I’m angry, which I’m not. Just disappointed, that’s all.

For a long time, I thought most important thing in life is one’s relationships. Obviously I was wrong. In the past few weeks I’ve seen how people can act like ungrateful shits. I learned that relationships can be as good as garbage in a snap of a finger. I learned that people are mostly untrustworthy, and more important than that, I learned that we ought to be on our own and don’t expect gratefulness from people. And believe it or not, these mentioned occurrences weren’t actually that bad.

You see, I decided not to expand my relations for the time being. It’s a sad thing to do, but given how people around me turned out one after another, It just might be the rational thing to do. After all, who wouldn’t prefer a clear head over a busy schedule with people? I know I would.

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