The number of kids who are left out of school is increasing. Why? Because more people are loosing their income source, their homes, and that has a real effect on the kids.

Right now, with covid-19, we’re about to witness thousands, if not millions of people lose their jobs or get evicted from their homes like never before. An eviction can often lead to homelessness which in itself can affect education of a child for years to come.

Especially with the younger ones, because they are more dependent on other people to get them to school or provide them with proper tools for online education.

The risk of missing out on school means a loss of education that could haunt kids throughout their lifetimes. So the cycle of poverty will continue and grow into adulthood. As bad as it is now, it’s only gonna get worse if the government don’t come up with a plan to assist damaged families.

As always, it won’t. We’re completely on our own. Now if that ain’t a hostage situation, I don’t know what is.

So I’m translating a book called It Doesn’t Have To be Crazy at Work written by Jason Fried. I’m planning to publish the translation online, so I was looking for a Static Site Generator and came across Jigsaw by accident. The fact that it’s powered by Laravel got me so excited that I jumped straight to action.

Jigsaw doesn’t provide you with a starter skeleton. Instead, you must build your template from zero all by yourself. But with a default directory structure similar to Laravel, it’s easy to get started for PHP developers. So easy that I’m thinking to migrate this blog to Jigsaw after almost 6 years of ups and downs with the almighty WordPress.

Jigsaw, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

It took us almost three months, more than twice the time anticipated to go from the old design to the new one. More than 10,000 users view this page on a daily basis, so it was a pretty challenging job. But the result is satisfying.
Pretty proud of this bad boy, actually.

So I met a dude who’d been diagnosed with Parkinson’s and was pretty much independent. There was a sticker on his back that said:
If this dude’s a-rockin’, don’t come a-knockin’.

Sensitive content alert:

I hate know-it-all people. If I was somebody, I would suggest death penalty for these idiots. I mean, if you try to connect two completely irrelevant subjects to each other every chance you get, just to be able to show-off your “wisdom”, I wouldn’t want to spend time with you.

As long as we’ve got Wikipedia, what’s the use of know-it-alls? Do you help anybody? Do you contribute anything to society? If the answer if no, which it certainly is, you might as well shove your “wisdom” up your asshole for all I care.

When you’re spending time with the “right” bunch of people, it ain’t matter if you don’t talk much. As long as somebody is filling the air, you could just listen and still enjoy your time.

If #MeToo movement has achieved just one thing, It’s that for the first time in history, men are afraid and have to be notably careful with their saying and behavior. And that’s perfectly all-right. Sometimes that’s OK for privileged groups just to shut up and let other people talk shit about them.

Doesn’t make up for centuries of oppression, but at least gives a sense of relief to the oppressed. Is that a lot to ask? I don’t think so.

I would say for a country with almost 10 percent of the world’s total oil reserves nobody should be hungry, nobody should be denied of good education or a good medicare, nobody should be worried about their old age. You know, basics of life.

But that’s just me.

I recently came close to having a “nigga moment”. According to Huey Freeman, a nigga moment is where ignorance overwhelms the mind of an otherwise logical negro male, causing him to act in an illogical, self-destructive manner.

I am ashamed. Not because of the mentioned accident, no. I wouldn’t mind a good fist-fight every now and then. But because at the moment, I couldn’t even listen to my partner who was trying to stop me from my own stupidity. I let her down.

PS: My brother had a nigga moment the other day, leaving him with a broken nose. Conclusion? Nigga moments are bad for your health.