Why democrats won’t win the presidency

Democrats have gone to shit. None of our candidates seem to be able to tackle the real issues anymore. After the Obama era, seems to me that we forgot how to win and mastered the game of losing elections.

Bernie Sanders just said that trump’s version of NAFTA isn’t good because “it doesn’t address the environment issue”; I kid you not. He doesn’t understand that the factory worker in Detroit don’t give a shit about environment and frankly, why should he when his job is shipping to Mexico? Elizabeth Warren said that she’s gonna let a 9 year old interview her secretary of education. If a 9 year old is a better fit to choose a nation’s secretary of education, they why the hell people should vote for you?

So it seems to me that too much worrying about the PR might somehow be part of the problem. Dems don’t care what the real issues are because they’re busily doing polls that doesn’t mean anything.

The game is changing, but us dems aren’t.