The number of kids who are left out of school is increasing. Why? Because more people are loosing their income source, their homes, and that has a real effect on the kids.

Right now, with covid-19, we’re about to witness thousands, if not millions of people lose their jobs or get evicted from their homes like never before. An eviction can often lead to homelessness which in itself can affect education of a child for years to come.

Especially with the younger ones, because they are more dependent on other people to get them to school or provide them with proper tools for online education.

The risk of missing out on school means a loss of education that could haunt kids throughout their lifetimes. So the cycle of poverty will continue and grow into adulthood. As bad as it is now, it’s only gonna get worse if the government don’t come up with a plan to assist damaged families.

As always, it won’t. We’re completely on our own. Now if that ain’t a hostage situation, I don’t know what is.